About Ugoku/Ugokasu (GCAP Japan)


Company Name: Ugoku/Ugokasu (GCAP Japan)
Establishment: March 5, 2009
President: Katsuji IMATA (CSO Network Japan)
Executive Director: Masaki INABA
Auditor: Noriyuki OMATA (Yokohama NGO Network)
Yumiko KASAMA (Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist (Immigration lawyer), Gyoseishoshi Kasama Yumiko Office)
Members of the Board Masaki INABA (Africa Japan Forum)
KatsuhikoTAKEDA (CARE International Japan)
Tetsuji TANAKA (Altermonde)
Kazuo TSURUMI (Plan Japan)
Etsuko NEMOTO (Bridge Asia Japan)
Yumiko HORIE (Save the Children Japan)
Takumo YAMADA (Oxfam Japan)
Number of membership 79 members (as of May 27, 2015)
Secretariat: c/o Africa Japan Forum (AJF)
3rd Floor, 1-20-6 Higashi-Ueno Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0015 Japan
TEL: +81-3-3834-6902 FAX: +81-3-3834-6903
E-MAIL: office@ugokuugokasu.jp


In September 2000, leaders from 189 countries declared the "Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)" in response to the world's development challenges, and agreed to achieving goals including halving poverty by 2015. In 2005, seeing the slow progress of MDGs after 5 years, Global Call to Action against Poverty(GCAP), a network of civil society organizations fighting against poverty, was established. Along with it, in May of the same year, 'hottokenai sekai no mazushisa - Don't let it be world poverty" was launched as GCAP Japan.

Hottokenai organized the `white band campaign` calling an end to poverty. In April 2007, hottokenai became a registered organization. It actively promoted campaigns as a Japan's GCAP but ended its role after its campaigning at G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit in July 2008. They dissolved at the end of October 2008 and decided to pass on its work to a renewed body.

At the same time, 2008 Japan G8 Summit NGO Forum, an NGO alliance established to represent the civil society of the hosting country of G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit, which carried on active advocacy work along with hottokenai also dissolved after completing its mandate at the end of December 2008. After the dissolution of the 2 networks, some NGOs which have been active throughout the years, felt that it's necessary to carry on advocacy campaigning work in order to achieve MDGs by 2015.

After much discussion on how best Japan's civil society can renew and strengthen its network in collaboration with global civil society partners, it was decided that we establish a new network focusing on policy advocacy and public campaigning, calling for an achievement of MDGs and an end to poverty.

On March 5, 2009, Ugoku/Ugokasu, (then called "Network For Realizing the World Without Poverty, Japan (GCAP Japan)), was established with 28 development NGOs as establishing member organizations.

Meaning of Name and Logo

A small "move" of one person can "move" the world. Your small step towards an end to poverty can move your family's and friends' hearts and encourage them take their step. If we take an action with a strong will, we can change the world. Our name carried such a strong message of calling on each and every person's action in creating a world without poverty.

Energy is expressed by selecting a powerful font for 「動」, a kanji for `move`. The image that a person's action can move the world is sent by designing the arrow with motion and place the earth on its background. Also enthusiasm and strong will are expressed by using red as its symbol color.

Created by: Chieko Imai / Giraffe / COUNTERPOINT COMPANY


Members (42)
Intercommunication Center for Asia and Nippon
African Development and Emergency Organization (ADEO)
Community Action Development Organisation (CanDo)
Africa Japan Forum (AJF)
ACE (Action against Child Exploitation)
Oxfam Japan
Development Education Association and Resource Center (DEAR)
Kiko Network
Japan NGO Network for Education (JNNE)
CARE International Japan
The Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)
Conservation International Japan
CSO Network Japan
Services for the Health in Asian & African Regions (SHARE)
Gender Action Platform (GAP)
Space Allies
Save the Children Japan (SCJ)
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Japan
Japan National Assembly of Disabled Peoples' International (DPI-Japan)
Association for Aid and Relief, Japan(AAR JAPAN)
Hunger Free World
Health and Development Service (HANDS)
Plan Japan
Bridge Asia Japan (BAJ)
Millenium Promise Japan
World Vision Japan
Yokohama NGO Network
Kamonohashi Project
ChildFund Japan
WE21 Japan
People's HOPE Japan
NGO Forum for International Solidarity Levies
Kansai NPO Alliance
WaterAid Japan

Supporters (1)
Ayus: Buddhist International Cooperation Network

Friends (36)
Action for Solidarity, Equality, and Environment and Development (A SEED Japan)
Africa-rikai project
Together with Africa and Asia Association (TAAA)
Pacific Asia Resource Center
ADRA Japan
PLAS (Positive Living through AIDS Orphan Support)
FUNN (Fukuoka NGO Network)
Caritas Japan
People to people aid
Good Neighbors JAPAN
Greenpeace Japan
Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (KnK)
Jubilee Kyushu On World Debt and Poverty
Shanti Volunteer Association(SVA)
Stop TB Partnership Japan
Live with Friends on the Earth (LIFE)
Single Father Japan
Nagoya NGO Center
NPO 2050
Japan International Volunteer Center(JVC)
Network Earth Village・Environment and Peace NGO
Biodiversity Information Box PH-Japan
Hope and Faith International (HFI)
Free The Children Japan
Community Leaders Network (CLN)
Hottokenai Kumamoto Project
YDP Japan Network
One world One people
Nippon International Cooperation for Community development
Class for Everyone
Greening Sahel
Asia Japan Women's Resource Center
Little Bees International
love our own brethren(LOOB)
(as of June 25, 2015)


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